Welcome to Relationship Resources!!

Welcome To Relationship Resources!

Dr. Jim A. Talley
Marriage and Family Therapist

Expertise:  Marital Reconciliation, Step Families, Pre-Marital Counseling, 
                    Relationship Counseling, Friendship, and Family Crisis.

Speaking:  Corporate lectures available from Dr. Talley include:
                   "Protecting Your Family Life", "Electronic Time Management" and "Controlling
                   Romance in the Workplace". He offers four unique and innovative outreach seminars 
                   on "Divorce Recovery", "Too Close Too Soon", "Single Parenting", and 
                   "Reconcilable Differences".

He also has a wide variety of other seminars on such topics as:
                    "Crisis Counseling", "Dynamic Nonprofit Corporate Management", 
                    "Developing Lay Leaders", "Moving To A One-Board Organization in Your Church",
                    and "Creative Outreach Programs for Your Church".

Dr. Talley is a registered trainer and seminar leader for the
Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis Test (T-JTA).

Fight For Your Marriage!