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Men! Take your marriage from a “5” to a “7” or take it from an “8” to a “10”! Just following a few principles we learned from Dr. Talley.Be reconciled to one another as friends! (with benefits)This book helps men who want to improve their marriage. It was written specifically for men who consider themselves to be followers of Christ. Some of the chapter titles are: Focus on Yourself, The Big “H”, Your Top 5 Priorities, Financial Leadership, Better Sex and Best Friends. This book contains stories and advice that can help any marriage. It is written for men who claim to be followers of Christ. You will gain a better understanding of your leadership role as a husband. You will uncover what your priorities should be. You might even learn a few things that will improve you love life.Randy and Sherri Allsbury were heading for divorce when they met Dr. Jim Talley. This book tells the story of reconciliation, renewed friendship and hope for all marriages. “After the verbal blast to her heart from a church lady, Sherri made some new resolutions in her life. She came to the realization she could not please the church people, she could not please her husband, and she could not please God. So, she quit trying. From that point on, my sanguine wife decided to make money and have fun. She did, or at least that’s what it looked like from my vantage point.I began to seek counsel on how to get my wayward wife back on track. Sherri’s uncle Roger told me about a guy name Dr. Talley a while back and I had sent a few people from my congregation to him for marriage help. My marriage was heading south fast, so I decided to make an appointment and take my wife in for a tune-up and a straightening out. It was mid to late June of 2000 when my wife agreed to go to counseling with me. I needed him to straighten her out, because her behavior was starting to affect my ministry. We talked to Dr. Talley for about 45 minutes and when our time for that session was up, he looked at me and said. “Mister, it’s time for you to get your priorities in order, or this sweet lady will end up killing herself.” If you apply the tools in this book to your marriage, your relationship will improve, no matter how good or bad things are.

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