Too Close Too Soon: Workbook

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The excitement of dating can truly be intoxicating but it could lead right down a path where God warns not to go – SEX before marriage. Before you now it, the “heat” gets turned up and you cross the line … you go too far. Often what follows in the relationship is a tumbling downward spiral, leaving broken hearts and destroyed relationships in its wake – the desperate search for intimacy ultimately resulting in loneliness, rejection, and heartache. In Too Close Too Soon, authors Dr. Jim A. Talley and Dr. Bobbie Reed show you step-by-step how to control the progress of a dating relationship, to keep it within the boundaries established by God and avoid the heartaches that result when you don’t. Too Close Too Soon gives practical guidance on how to control the time you spend alone together and helps you to determine where to draw that line you just won’t cross. It will also enable you to understand why, even though you have the choice to become sexually active, God says don’t. This book is for people you care enough about themselves and their dating relationships to try and do it right the first time around.