Weeds: They Just Keep Growing.: An Autobiography by Kent Talley

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How much pain you can take? Kent was nearly overwhelmed by the complexity of pain coming from all directions. In his words, “How best to describe this is when you hit your finger with a hammer and you feel a pulse of pain almost like a heartbeat. Well, that is what my knees feel like at the end of my pain scale. A throbbing ache, burning, and swelling that can make a grown man cry.” Despite that, he managed to live a somewhat normal life with love, marriage, children, jobs…but he often wondered if God had deserted him and left him to fester in his out-of-key symphony of hurts. Kent was thinking that he always failed at everything he did, no matter how hard he tried. His heart was in the right place, but in his opinion, he always failed. His daily prayers succeeded, though, to find lost children, to keep his family healthy and safe. He prayed for everyone but himself, always thinking of others first—yet, he still considered himself a failure. He had spent his whole life serving God, attending church services every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Kent did everything for God. Yet, when, in deep need and out of despair, he asked God for some form of success in his life or relief from pain, there was no answer…and Kent questioned whether God was ever there in the first place. He wondered if he had wasted his life, looking for a God Who doesn’t exist.