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Have you wondered what resources can help your relationships? Here are a few suggestions from Dr. Talley.

For Marriage: Reconcilable Differences Paperback, Codependency Audio Seminar, Tighten the Knot Audio Seminar

For Dating: Too Close Too Soon Paperback, Too Close Too Soon Audio Seminar, Abstinence 

It is possible for a couple whose marriage is in serious trouble or a couple who is already divorced to restore harmony -- and even love -- to their relationship!

Jim Talley knows how, and Reconcilable Differences shows why reconciliation is worth the effort. This book provides practical, Biblical advice on how to resolve conflicts and develop a relationship based on mutual love, respect, and trust.

Learn to reconcile your marriage before it's too late. This fun seminar will give you the tools you need to restore your marriage, open communication, and love again. This marriage seminar is designed to make good marriages better, repair bad marriages, and assist those that are in the process of divorce. Practical solutions to complex marital issues. Utilize each others strength and protect each others weakness.

Too Close, Too Soon, is a fun book and seminar by Dr. Jim A Talley as he shows you step-by-step how to control the progress of a dating relationship, to keep it within the boundaries established by God and avoid the heartaches that result when you don’t. Too Close, To Soon, gives practical guidance on how to control the time you spend alone together and helps you to determine where to draw that line you just won’t cross. The book contains a great study guide with graphs, and charts.

Choosing to live a life of moral integrity. Practical application of spiritual expectations of living a life above reproach and moral purity.

Break free from a Co-Dependent relationship.

One of the most difficult family units in America is the single parent household. This seminar is designed to assist the single parent in understanding, stabilizing, and meeting the needs of your children in a practical and effective way.