My Flutter,

I really love your flutter smiles
your flutter eyes, your flutter ears
I've loved you flutter for a couple years
with a fluttery heart and a secret glance
and then we gave our love a chance
to fly, to flutter, and to soar
I want to flutter evermore

I always want to make you happy
The smiles on your face
sweetly fluttering into place
evidence that i make
That butterfly in your chest
flutter quick and race
to your fluttery happy place

Regain the Flutter that You Once Had

Marital Reconciliation

Some couples decide that separation makes sense - and this time can help you to gain some insight and perspective. However, the purpose of separation is to recreate your relationship so that it is positive and satisfying for you both. Your counselor uses specialized methods to help you examine where things went wrong - and rebuild a solid foundation for the future of your marriage.

Relationship Counseling

Every relationship hits some bumps in the road - that's where the "for better or for worse" comes in. However, navigating the obstacles isn't always easy. Asking for help from an experienced marriage and relationship counselor is a sign of your commitment to each other. You can't be expected to know all of the most effective methods of resolving conflict, so let an expert teach and guide you along the way.

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