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Welcome to the fun and colorful world of coloring for adults!

Inside this book you'll find fantastic outlined army vehicle designs that are just waiting to be filled with color. Not only is coloring fun and relaxing, it's also a creative opportunity to be yourself by expressing how you feel through color.

Whatever art materials you love to use watercolors, colored pencils, markers, crayons, gel pens they will look stunning on this high-quality, paper.

This book showcases the life experiences of Marvin Lee Parmer. From his childhood in rural Arkansas to a career in construction in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Parmer's life story spans almost nine decades and relates the joys of seeing God at work in his daily life.

After losing his mother, Parmer was reared by Mom and Pop, his paternal grandparents. His stories of a close, nurturing family show clearly that it takes a family to raise a child, not a village. His insights into the struggle for daily existence during the Great Depression and World War II weave a tapestry of safety and direction provided by God. Precious Memories preserves the details of Parmer's life for future generations and shows that in the midst of suffering and heartache, there is a peace that passes all understanding.

Alexander Talley—missionary, minister, physician—proved to be a very special missionary—he was uniquely qualified and fully prepared to take the Gospel of Jesus westward to the Indians and the adventurous settlers.

Alexander saddled his horse, loaded his belongings—pack, tent, books—and praying earnestly, “Lord, if you have confidence in calling me to do this work, I have confidence you will show me the way,” he crossed the river into a dark, foreboding forest. Riding westward, he wondered how he could bring love, hope, and salvation to people who did not know him, could not read a Bible, and did not speak his language. Alexander had been singled out as the only man who stood a chance of accomplishing this daunting mission.

This is Alexander Talley’s story: how he rode a circuit covering more than 400 miles, held camp meetings for Indians and white settlers, won more than 3,200 converts to Christianity, and faithfully shepherded people desperately in need of compassionate leadership in the face of encroaching greed and malice.

How much pain you can take? Kent was nearly overwhelmed by the complexity of pain coming from all directions. In his words, “How best to describe this is when you hit your finger with a hammer and you feel a pulse of pain almost like a heartbeat. Well, that is what my knees feel like at the end of my pain scale. A throbbing ache, burning, and swelling that can make a grown man cry.”
Despite that, he managed to live a somewhat normal life with love, marriage, children, jobs…but he often wondered if God had deserted him and left him to fester in his out-of-key symphony of hurts.

Kent was thinking that he always failed at everything he did, no matter how hard he tried. His heart was in the right place, but in his opinion, he always failed. His daily prayers succeeded, though, to find lost children, to keep his family healthy and safe. He prayed for everyone but himself, always thinking of others first—yet, he still considered himself a failure.

He had spent his whole life serving God, attending church services every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Kent did everything for God. Yet, when, in deep need and out of despair, he asked God for some form of success in his life or relief from pain, there was no answer…and Kent questioned whether God was ever there in the first place.

He wondered if he had wasted his life, looking for a God Who doesn’t exist.

The whole idea of writing these poems came about in the late 1990’s. My dad retired after working all his years to make a better life for my mom, my brother and me. Through hard work and honesty, he brought our family from abject poverty to a middle class family with a home, a little land and a few head of cattle.

His greatest joy was when he retired and was able to devote all his time to working the land and cattle. Unfortunately, shortly after he retired, he was diagnosed with cancer. As his health and stamina declined I wanted to give him something to bring him a smile. I came across a book by the great Baxter Black, who is, without a doubt, one of the great cowboy humorists of our time. His poetry brought many smiles to my dad in his latter days. After reading several of Baxter Black’s poems, my dad looked at me and said, “Mike, I bet you could do this if you set your mind to it.”

I wrote my first poem, “THE LOTTO TICKET” based on one of the many humorous stories my dad used to tell. One such story ended with the same line as the last two lines in the poem. After he read it, he said, “See!? I told you, you could do it.”

This collection is done strictly for posterity. I have no illusions of grandeur of becoming a famous writer.

I hope they bring a smile to your face as they did to my dad.

Randall Faulkner believes in making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to see pastors and lay-leaders making disciples as well. In Meeting the Dawn at Jimmy’s Egg, Dr. Faulkner shares what he has learned from many years of early-morning gatherings with small groups of men and shows his readers how they, too, can make disciples. He says, “If I can encourage pastors to invest some of their time and energy in building men as leaders for their families, churches, vocations, and communities, then I believe I can help these pastors expand their influence for Jesus Christ and strengthen the impact of their own leadership in the church.”

Dr. Faulkner has been the senior pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Oklahoma City since 1990. In addition to his Bible teaching ministry in churches and conferences, he has a special interest in mentoring inner-city youth, personal discipleship, and in mission work overseas. He and his wife, Connie, have five children and twelve grandchildren. He holds a doctorate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois.

Heart to Heart is designed as a 31 day spiritual cleanse. Sometimes we need a physical cleanse because of all the toxins that build up in our physical bodies. Even more importantly, our spiritual beings are constantly polluted by the sinful world in which we live. I would like to encourage you as a personal coach as we go through a 31 day detox program to bring spiritual health and vitality to our souls. This can also be used as a 31 week Bible study for women to grow into a healthier relationship with the Lord and each other.

Do you feel like you and your teenager are busy going in two different directions or it’s just a challenging time in your relationship?

Once a month during the school year, go out to dinner at your child’s favorite restaurant and enjoy Dinner & Devotion. Begin your time together with this interactive devotion before dinner is served. Then, enjoy your meal!

This is a true story about Diane Duncan and her 35 year battle with Kidney Disease. During that time Diane had two kidney transplants and was on dialysis three separate times. The book is intended to be a “Handbook of Hope” as it discusses some of the decisions that must be made as an individual and their families deal with this disease. The book shares our Christian story of faith. Perry went to be with Diane on May 30, 2016.

Redemption. After futilely seeking a sense of meaning for decades, Martin had almost given up hope of finding any sense of belonging. He was illegitimate. He was without family roots.

From as long as he could remember, Martin would go to the backyard on his birthday and look to the sky, imagining his mother’s voice telling him how special he was, how she loved him, and with her arms around him wishing him a happy birthday. This was a ritual Martin observed every birthday, regardless of the weather.

Getting older for Martin wasn’t a simple matter of biological aging. Martin had no sense of who he was. His ancestry was unknown. Why had he been dumped on HER doorstep? What was wrong with him? Each successive birthday brought it all home: “I am illegitimate…a bastard…no standing in society…unworthy…hated by God and respectable people…useless.”

Was life worth living without an identity? If he should overcome that hurdle and be lucky enough to discover his elusive family ties, would he be strong enough to take whatever turned up? Would his family accept him—warts and all?

Life prepares us for the inevitable, and when we are strong enough, we are given the opportunity to match that preparedness with reality. Martin was in for a shock when he and his wife took on the adoption bureaucracy and finally discovered the appalling circumstances behind his illegitimacy. As the fateful day he had longed for approached when he would meet his family, he wondered if he would be tough enough to take the truth. Could he handle it?

Would he find his redemption?

James Weatherford has been writing poetry for family and friends for most of his life. Now he shares his meditations with you. The purpose of this book is to bring glory to God, to help you feel closer to Him, and to help you appreciate His work in your life. Remember: Agony is spiritually invigorating.

When meets a puppy with floppity ears, they quickly become friends. Their curiosity gets the best of them, and soon they explore and discover in a hilarious adventure. Bonus Feature: Also included in this edition are large coloring pages. You can color your own pictures of the dog with floppity ears. Create your own vivid, colorful story and let your imagination take you on wonderful new adventures.

Vibrant and attractive, accurately rendered collection of beautiful flowers. A treat for coloring book fans, flower lovers, and gardening enthusiasts. Colorists can relax and enjoy as they bring their own conceptions of color and hue to these superb illustrations.